Bexley Curriculum & Programs
Curriculum & Learning Environment
Imagine the Possibilities A comprehensive curriculum is a written set of learning objectives and activities that guide decisions that adults make about experiences for children, according to the Ohio Department of Education.
State and national standards and guidelines are the foundation for Bexley Schools’ curricula. District curriculum guides for grades K-12 have been developed by faculty committees and approved by the Bexley Board of Education.  Curriculum guides show grade level essentials to be taught and assessed; they include essential vocabulary and student learning targets to guide formative and summative assessments.
Best Practices
While academic content is standardized across the district’s schools, best practices adopted by each school inform how the curricula is organized and taught. Each building’s best practice suggests how curriculum guides should be translated into units of study and provides philosophical underpinnings for daily school operations and ongoing professional development of teachers.
All Bexley schools are fully accredited by the internationally-recognized AdvancED®. The district is one of only four in Ohio with full district accreditation, meaning that all five of its schools and the district as a whole have earned the distinction.

Accreditation means that students have qualified teachers who are continually working to improve their practices and teaching methods in order to increase student performance; access to a rich, diverse, and sound curriculum, and a range of student activities and support services. Across the globe, schools, colleges, and universities recognize credits earned here by Bexley students.
Dr. Laura Lipsett
Executive Director of School Programs
Dr. Laura Lipsett has overseen programs and led in multiple areas for Bexley City Schools since 2011. Previously, she served as an administrator for both K-12 schools and the Ohio Department of Education. She has also worked as a professor and program administrator for universities. She has spent over 25 years in K-12 and higher education settings. 

Dr. Laura Lipsett
Executive Director of School Programs 
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