Bexley Schools History
Education was important to the Bexley community even before the city was incorporated in 1908. Rural residents of the area now known as Bexley had a school as early as 1864 -- a brick building at the corner of what is now Livingston and College Avenues. The Main Street Cassingham Elementary Clock Tower School, also known as the Bullitt Park School, opened in 1907 across from today's Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

First Building and Rapid Growth
Bexley’s Board of Education first convened in 1917, issuing bonds so that the school district could purchase property for future development. According to the Bexley Historical Society, by 1920 the population of Bexley was at about 1,300 residents. The current Montrose Elementary School, located at 2555 East Main Street, opened in September 1921 as the Bexley community’s high school for students in grades seven through twelve.

Each of Bexley’s graduating classes in the 1920’s numbered 20 – 40 students. The first Torch yearbook in the Bexley Public Library collection shows a 1926 senior class of 20 students, most of who attended college after graduation.  The Bexley Public Library was originally housed in the East Main Street building also, with the public and the high school students sharing the library until the library moved to its current location in 1929.

The school district experienced rapid growth during this period, with enrollment rising from 560 students in 1925 to 1,187 students in 1929. The original structure that is today’s Cassingham Complex was built in 1927 for grades one through seven. After the community’s population hit 5,000 with the 1930 census, it officially became a city on April 11, 1931.

High School Moves to Cassingham Road
The current Bexley High School on South Cassingham Road opened for classes in 1932 with 500 students in the six upper grades. The East Main school building then became an elementary school, with grades one through eight each having one classroom and one teacher. According to students from the mid-1930’s, at this point, the building’s second floor was vacant. The school’s principal was Miss Ruby Borden, who had previously served as a teacher at the old Main Street School.

Bexley Junior High in the Cassingham Complex focused on educating seventh and eighth graders starting in the 1920’s; the name of the school was changed to “Bexley Middle School” in 1989.

Newest Developments

Maryland Elementary School, serving students in north Bexley, was dedicated in 1950. Over the decades, Bexley residents have supported the renovation and remodeling of their historic school buildings, most recently with a 2001 construction project that saw the addition of two new wings to the Cassingham Complex.
Established in 1983, the Bexley Education Foundation (BEF) channels the contributions made by Bexley parents, alumni, teachers, staff and community members to Bexley Schools to support extraordinary learning opportunities for which public dollars are not available. The BEF has awarded $4.4 million in grants to the Bexley City Schools.

Bexley has been recognized for its excellent educational program, earning first Excellent, then Excellent With Distinction ratings on all twelve Ohio Department of Education report cards. Cassingham Elementary and Bexley Middle School were authorized in 2007 as the first International Baccalaureate World Schools in Ohio.

The school district continues to be an educational leader, partnering with innovators such as Battelle for Kids and Ohio State University to help advance educational reform.
Characteristics of the Community
According to the 2014 United States census estimates, 13,517 people reside in the city of Bexley. 
  • Bexley has 5,041 housing units and 4,500 households (U.S. Census 2010).
  • Land area of the city: 2.43 square miles
  • Racial makeup of the city: 89.6% white; 5.9% black or African-American; 2.5% "two or more races"; 1.8% Hispanic or Latino (U.S. Census estimates, 2014)
  • Percent of the population living below the poverty level:  8.8%
  • Percent of foreign born persons: 6.4%
  • Sixty-nine percent of the city's population over 25 years holds a bachelor's degree.
  • Median income in Bexley, based on federal income tax returns: $70,992 (Ohio Department of Taxation, 2013)
  • Bexley population under the age of 18: 25.7% (U.S. Census, 2010)
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