District and Building Forms
Bexley Schools forms can be submitted online without the need for a duplicate print version.  PDF printable versions can be downloaded and form contents typed in using the fillable form fields; the PDF printable form can then be printed and submitted in person.  The district encourages the use of online and PDF fillable forms to help in improving the accuracy and readability of the information received.   If the format is greyed out then it is not available in that format.  

Technology Forms

  • EDE Acceptable Use Policy Form
    • Elementary Students
    • Middle and High School Students

Bexley High School Forms

  • DCI-02 College Credit Plus - Letter of Intent to Participate in College Credit Plus

Bexley Schools and OHSAA Athletic Forms
All of the forms below are required for a student to participate; a parent/guardian can choose to submit either online or via hard copy. Not all all forms may be submitted online; when only a printed version of a form is offered, all pages must be printed, completed and submitted.  

  • IGDJ-E1 Athletics and Activities Code of Conduct
  • ATH001 Athletic Participation
  • ATH005 Ohio Department of Health Concussion Info Sheet
  • ATH004 Athletic Parent Pre Season Orientation
  • OHSAA Forms ATH06-P1 - ATH06-P6
  • ATH06-P1 History Form
  • ATH06-P2 Supplemental History Form
  • ATH06-P3 Physical Examination Form
  • ATH06-P4 OHSAA Clearance Form
  • ATH06-P5 OHSAA Authorization Form
  • ATH06-P6 OHSAA Eligibility and Authorization Statement
  • ATH002 Consent for Neurocognitive Testing
  • ATH003 Athletic Emergency Medical Authorization