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District Loses Champion

Bexley Schools lost one of its biggest supporters on January 8, 2017, with the passing of former Board of Education member Susan Zanner. Elected to the Board in 1999, Ms. Zanner served as President in 2004.

Ms. Zanner, who taught English at Bexley High School and Columbus Torah Academy, was a dedicated school community volunteer, fan and parent of three Bexley graduates. The Bexley Board of Education took on a number of challenging initiatives during her tenure, including the adoption of best practices, expansion of BHS's Advanced Placement program, implementation of the Delayed Start professional development, a superintendent search and the 2000-2001 Cassingham Complex construction project. She was president during the year that Bexley Schools reviewed various funding options and secured passage of its school district income tax.

Continuing to serve on the Board after her year as President, Ms. Zanner resigned in 2006 because of health concerns. She returned to the Board in 2011 to fill the unexpired term of a departing board member.  
The former educator was quick to speak in support of teachers, often praising them in public Board meetings for their work on the front lines of education. She also spoke frequently of the district's responsibility to Bexley taxpayers, suggesting the the schools should weigh decisions carefully.
"She was a friend to all of those fortunate to know her," said Dr. Harley Williams, BHS Principal. 
"She was an unwavering advocate for children, educators and education. We will miss her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor," added Superintendent Mike Johnson.  

As requested by Ms. Zanner, the music of Bexley High School's Vocal Ensemble will grace her memorial service, to be held at 2:00pm on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at Bexley United Methodist Church.