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BHS in Top 100 Nationwide

Bexley High School was recently named by as 62nd among all public high schools in the United States.

The organization’s ranking of high schools looks at several factors, including strength of curriculum, participation rate in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, state reading and writing assessment scores, ACT and SAT scores, student graduation rate, performance of disadvantaged students and student/teacher ratios. The rankings also take into account the number of students who matriculate to college, as well as the various opportunities afforded students. is an independent organization comprised of a group of educators, including some holding Ph.D.’s, who “believe learning transforms lives for the better and should remain a lifelong pursuit,” notes

“Bexley High School offers students a well-rounded education with a host of extracurricular clubs and athletic programs,” said web site. The only other Ohio school to make the top 100 list is Wyoming High School in the Cincinnati area.

Bexley High School has previously earned top spots in other national rankings, such as the one published by U.S. News and World Report. In 2016, Bexley was third in Ohio, 158th nationwide and first in Central Ohio (among 29,000 schools included). Bexley’s high AP participation rate (84 percent) was also a factor for U.S. News.  The school district encourages students to take the rigorous college level courses, with the school district paying for all students to take the AP exams.
“We are proud to achieve high rankings using a variety of measures, with several highlighting our success in educating all students,” said Dr. Harley Williams, Principal of Bexley High School.